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Services that make the Difference

Funeral Home UNIVERS with 15 years of experience comes to your aid throughout Europe 24 hours / 7 with professional and serious services, with documentation procedures for repatriation to the homeland in record time, with super comfortable facilities for receiving and attending funeral ceremonies and with all the necessary accessories for this ceremony.


• 15+ years of experience
• Maximum quality service
• Qualified staff


• Luxury vehicles
• International transport
• Transport by bus and vans.


• Comfortable environment
• Separate rooms for men and women
• Maximum hygiene and quality


• Wreaths and coffins
• Aesthetic treatment of the deceased
• Mortuary refrigerators


• Posting notifications
• Finding the burial place
• Completion of documentation


• Repatriation from any EU country
• Following the procedures
• Transport by autofuneral

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