Privacy Policy for Funeral Univers

Funeral Agency pays special attention in protecting your privacy by informing its clients about the type of data collectedon him, how they are processed, saved, protected, or distributed, and all relating claims during this process.

Legal framework in collecting and processing data
Funeral Univers will collect and process data in accordance tothe legal framework in power, as mentioned in the Albanian Constitution and enforced by the Law (Article 35in particular,Nr. 9887 dd. 10.03.2008) on “Personal Data Protection” and other complementary regulations.
Funeral Univers has also considered the European Union’s Personal Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679.
According to this regulatory framework and in accordance to commercially accepted standards, the collection and processing of Funeral Univers data is legitimate if: a) the client has consented to the collection and the processing of personal data for one or more purposes; b) it’s made for the connection of a contract in which the client will be part of; c) is carried out in pursuance of legal obligations; d) is carried out for the protection of the individuals’ vital interests ; e) is performed for the fulfillment of duties in the public interest or in the implementation of official duties in the role of the controller; f) is carried out for the implementation of the legitimate rights of the controller or a third party, aside from the cases when they conflict with the fundamental rights.

The type of data that is collected
Funeral Univers collects and processes your personal information (eg, ID, telephone, address, e-mail, etc.) when you use this site to apply and personally register this information in a form,either to have knowledge of or benefit from the products / services provided by our institution.
Funeral Univers collects and processes data related to the use of our site (eg interest on certain issues while navigating our site) via the IP address of the computer or mobile you have accessed, or using “cookies” and similar tracking tools of automatic collection. “IP” (Internet Protocol) is a number that your computer browser has when you access the Internet, it is automatically provided by the internet server. IP does not really constitute identifiable information because different people can access the same computer via the Internet. “Cookies” are small files that are placed on your browser when you visit Funeral Univers site, which allow you to recognize your browser and collect and store information about the services you have used or issues that you have shown interest. Other technological tracking tools that collect information on the services you use as cellular identifiers web beacons etc. They are small graphic files placed on the website or emails, mainly used to monitor activity and provide information to the central server ( which may belong to a hosting site, advertising network, or another third party).

Purpose of collecting and processing data
Collection and processing of data is done in order to: a) personalize and promote you the products / services or issues for which you have shown or may show interest; b) to conclude a valid application and / or contract to benefit from one of our products / services; c) get in touch with you upon your request; d) to identify and report legally cases of fraud or of similar cases e) identify matters and issues related to products / services, or dealing with raised complaints, f) conduct analysis, statistics, research, questionnaires g) for other reasons as per your notice.

Distribution and dissemination of the data
Funeral Univers may only distribute your data in accordance to the Privacy Policy, unless the changes to this policy are made under the section below relating to Privacy Policy Changes and / or when they are made in accordance with the legal framework in force and / or for the purpose of improving the process of data collection and processing.
The dissemination of your data by Funeral Univers to the official authorities or third parties may occur in the following cases: a) the fulfillment of legal obligations; b) when the publication is made for the protection of our legitimate rights, or the protection of your security or other persons ,to investigate and avoid fraud or other misunderstandings; c) in special cases as a response to threats or risks to a person, property or the protection of fundamental rights.
Funeral Univers collaborates with third parties and contractors that assist in providing product and service management, or assisting in operational activity on the web site, technological actions, data analysis, research, statistics, performing e-mail support, advertising and promotion. Through the respective contracts, Funeral Univers and these parties have agree to use or advertise your data for purposes other than those required for the execution of the contract concluded between the parties.
Our site may have links to other sites that implement their own Privacy Policy. Funeral Univers does not disseminate your data to these pages, but you should keep reviewing their Privacy Policy. Funeral Univers does not guarantee how these pages collect and process your data.

Security and deadline for data retention
For personal data security, our institution has set up and implemented certified tools and technology systems that provide encryption and data confidentiality, which undergo continuous testing for security and effectiveness, enable real-time restoration of data access in case of a technical or physical incident and it is accessible only by authorized persons. Nevertheless, you should consider the risks that may come as a result of external cyber attacks that lie outside the will and the ability of Funeral Univers.
Your data will be stored for as long as necessary for: a) the fulfillment of the purpose and nature for which they are collected, b) the fulfillment of the contractual relationship, c) the fulfillment of other legal obligations, d) the resolution of conflicts or litigation, e) the compliance of fundamental rights, f) the protection of public interest, g) archiving for public, scientific or historical purposes.

Rights and options
You have the right to access information on the data that has been collected and processed for you, to request correction, update, prohibit of further processing and / or delete these data at any time. However, deletion of data can not be exercised if there is any of the causes cited in the section above “Security and Data Retention”. Likewise, you should bear in mind that in the technical and technological aspect it is impossible to delete any registration stored on our server.
The above mentioned rights can be exercised by submitting a formal application to Funeral Univers at the address given on this site or by submitting this request to or by calling +355 68 200 3441. Upon receipt of your request, the respective units of Funeral Univers will evaluate the application and will notify you of the actions taken.
You are able to choose the withdrawal from receiving communications, emails, Funeral Univers products / services, or other advertising notices by opting out of the link or by deleting the choice of arrival options notices, publishers etc.

Protecting children’s privacy
Funeral Univers does not intend to collect and process child data and information and engages in the protection of their privacy.
You can contact Funeral Univers on any issue relating to your privacy and data. For any question, ambiguities, requests, complaints regarding your data collection and processing you can contact Funeral Univers at the address below :

Central Office of Funeral Univers with address: Rr: Bardhyl, Perballe Postes nr.32, Tirana, Albania.
E-mail address:
Tel/Cell: +355 68 200 3441

Change the privacy policy
Funeral Univers reserves the right to change at any time this Privacy Policy and the products / services provided, which will become effective on the date of their publication on this site, or by e-mail or by any means of communication possible . Use of this site, even after changes to the Privacy Policy, is considered approved by you. We encourage the periodic revision of the Privacy Policy to update you with the latest changes and practices. If you do not accept the terms of this Policy, you can not process further on this site.


Na Telefono 068 200 3441