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We know how difficult and misleading it can be when you lose your family member. Our staff will take care of every detail to ease your pain in the most difficult days.

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During the funeral ceremony of former President Bujar Nishani organized by ‘Funeral Universe’.

Univers - Funeral Home

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Funeral Home UNIVERS with 15 years of experience comes to your aid throughout Europe 24 hours / 7 with professional and serious services, with documentation procedures for repatriation to the homeland in record time, with super comfortable facilities for receiving and attending funeral ceremonies and with all the necessary accessories for this ceremony.

Univers - Funeral Home

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Funeral Home UNIVERS has 15 years of experience in providing funeral services. This experience has made us better understand the needs of our customers. We guarantee you seriousness and professionalism in performing the honors of the deceased, in escorting your loved one to his last home. We also always make sure to maintain the maximum standards of hygiene and quality.

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